15 Inspiring Glass Packaging Designs

Glass is one of the oldest ways to package goods, giving objects a timeless appeal that adds an upscale look and feel to any product.

From food and beverages to personal care and cosmetics, glass bottles are used today more than ever thanks to their sturdy construction and eco-friendly material.

Take a look at these creative and inspiring glass packaging designs to help fuel your packaging design process!

  1. Buen Suceso


Decorative glass bottles like this reflect the spirit of the tequila within. It’s fun, exciting, and makes the consumer want to find out what’s it all about.

  1. Owens-Illinois Inc


Spiraled and honeycombed, these glass bottles have a straightforward design and shape with eye-catching subtleties.

  1. Pötit Shoppingtour


Try something beautiful and simplistic with custom mason jars – a twist to traditional glass bottles – and let the quality of your product shine through!

Need help designing custom glass bottles to fit your brand or product? Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs.

  1. Shifa Honey Packaging

Reflect a quality to the design of your glass bottles. In this case, real natural honey is mirrored in these honeycomb-shaped jam glass jars.

  1. Lux Fructus by Simon C. Packaging


Glass bottles for wine that provide an appealing twist to traditional wine labels just beg trendy young shoppers to try it!

  1. Diesel Only the Brave aftershave


Aggressive and manly, this aftershave cologne from Diesel is very distinct compared to most glass bottles we’ve come across. Fashioned in the shape of a fist, it accurately reflects its aggressive moniker.

  1. Blair’s Pure Death Hot Sauce


This sauce bottle design may look ordinary, but creative labelling shows the consumer exactly what they’re in for. Glass bottles with imaginative packaging can really set your product apart on crowded shelves.

  1. Evian gift packaging by Landor Paris


Evian’s 1-L Origine mountain-shaped glass water bottles are reflected in this special packaging that makes drinking water exciting!

  1. 1000 Acres Vodka Packaging by Arnell

Organic and creative, 1000 Acres’ vodka glass bottles are an artful addition to any connoisseur’s liquor cabinet.

  1. Organic Avenue

Simple and straightforward, these small glass juice bottles harken back to the mid-century milkman days.

  1. Hopscotch candles

Give your product an artisan feel with minimal labeling and an uncomplicated look with one of these decorative glass jars.

  1. Hermes Perfume

Glass bottles can be shaped and formed to bespoke silhouettes that add a touch of class to your product.

  1. Spine Vodka

Reflecting your brand name when packaging glass bottles can be clever and creative, as with this example for Spine Vodka.

  1. Elisir di Trabia

Glass bottles are used extensively in the food industry. This olive oil packaging is creative and modern, but still preserves the integrity of the product within.

  1. Harem Sultan Wine Packaging

Detailed and fun, this clever wine packaging makes the consumer want to pick it up off the of shelf—it’s so eye catching!

From high-end to down-home, these inspiring packaging designs show just how versatile glass can be. Now that you’ve seen our favorite 15 inspiring glass packaging designs, take the next step. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs and see what the Richards team can do for you!


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