7 Plastic Juice Packaging Trends to Watch


Standing out in the expanding and highly saturated beverage industry is a growing concern for juice manufacturers of all sizes. Simultaneously, catering to rapidly-changing consumer demands further intensifies the challenge of getting the consumer to try your product.So what can a juice brand do to fight through the noise? Take your plastic juice packaging innovation to a level that changes the way consumers look at your product.

It’s always interesting to see how innovation and competition collide, especially in case of plastic juice bottles. Here are the latest trends juice companies are enticing consumers with to get them to invest in their products.


7 Plastic Juice Packaging Trends to Watch

  1. Matching Caps

Colorful plastic juice packaging

One of the basic features of modern beverage packaging is to use clear plastic bottles more often, revealing the natural color and consistency of the juice inside. Using a tamper evident colored cap to compliment the juice color is a rising trend as it provides both aesthetic value and consumer safety. A splash of color can conjure appetite and interest, further influencing the consumer’s choice.


  1. Kid-Friendly Juice Bottles

kids plastic juice bottles

Many kinds of juices are marketed towards parents of young children as a healthier alternative to soft drinks or beverages. This is where the size and handling features of these bottles come in to play. The size of juice packaging must be suited for children and it should also provide a favorable grip that makes it easy for them to enjoy. Round juice bottles are among the more popular shapes as kids find them easier to hold, and plastic juice bottles help prevent breakage if dropped, giving parents peace of mind.


  1. Screen Printed Labels

Screen printed plastic juice packaging

There isn’t a better way to add a pinch of elegance to a plastic juice bottle than screen printing. Juice bottlers are doing exactly that, replacing the paper label entirely with direct printing on an interestingly shaped plastic bottle.

This trend has gained momentum in case of plastic bottles as screen printed label designs are minimalistic, helping to complement the natural color of the juice for a more attractive appearance. Colors are added separately after creating the label artwork, which lends a fresh and crisp design. Screen printing also allows designers to directly apply visual textures and logos, which help customers to differentiate between brands.


  1. Minimal Designs

Minimalist plastic juice packaging

Another trend in the beverage manufacturing industry is going back to basics, choosing clean and simple plastic juice packaging over complex (and often gimmicky) shapes. A streamlined design lets consumers quickly perceive the most important and basic information about the product with clear and uncomplicated messages. As juice purchases are often impulsive, finding the right juice packaging is all about how quickly you can capture the appetite of the customer to make them want to grab your juice while on the go.


  1. Artistic Custom Fonts

Custom font juice packaging design

The task of a juice packaging designer in the beverage market has always been expressing the value of the product in simple, approachable terms. In the case of juice bottles, the challenge is to make the labels attractive as well as distinctive from the competition. Using custom fonts is the easiest way to make the products stand out on store shelves. For example, using fonts with a hand-written feel adds a trendy, instagram-able appeal that shows the consumer the benefits of your product while giving them something visually stunning to latch onto.


  1. Eye-Popping Graphics

Amazing plastic juice packaging

Hiring a graphic designer to design a juice bottle package is common, but finding one who can use computer software to illustrate graphics look like the real thing can help set you apart from the crowd. In an increasingly competitive industry, the fine line between the success of two nearly identical juice products is marketing. That is to say, consumers will always opt for bottles that can tell a better story. Hiring a professional can help showcase a whole story line for a product in a few quick graphics that jump of the shelf, helping the consumer to create an instant, personal attachment to the brand.


  1. Old School Designs

Old school juice packaging design

In such a crowded industry with images jumping off the package, some designers have started going old school with their juice packaging. It’s a cost effective and easy way to stand out from the crowd, as consumers tend to respond to nostalgia. Vintage looks especially are making a comeback—older generations connect with the look of a time gone by, while younger generation garner interest through the product’s history and trend appeal.


Trends will always continue to evolve, so it is important to consider your target audience when designing a plastic juice bottle. The key is to think creatively as well outside the juice box—or bottle, in this case. Which design is your favorite plastic juice packaging design? Let us know in the comments.

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