25 Stunning Beverage Bottle Packaging Designs

Drinks in creative bottles market themselves in a unique way. They help to draw attention far more effectively than ordinary bottles, which, in turn, helps you sell your drink. The aim of any package design is to stand out and differentiate itself from competitors. Indeed, the package of a bottle is a space for communicating with clients as well as creativity. It essentially puts forth the brand’s message.

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Top beverage bottle designs

  1. Kräftig Saft

These fun, textural juice bottles resemble the fruit of the juice that it contains.

  1. Seryab Water

This intricately designed crystal water bottle is as good as it gets!

  1. Kappa

A sleek bottle that looks magical automatically demands attention. The contrasting colors give it a classy appearance as well.

  1. Lolea

Fun and whimsical with a slight vintage vibe, the bottles come in contrasting colors denoting either white or red wine sangria.

  1. Le Chat

Geometric patterns and bold colors make a unique statement that sets this beer brand apart. The image of the cat reflects the french meaning of its moniker.

  1. Good Day

Playful packaging design can make even an ordinary drink such as milk appear to be fun!

  1. Gloji

Imagine a bottle shaped like a light bulb but filled with a cool drink. Sounds like a good idea, right?


  1. Epleslang

The paper cover on the top of the bottle includes an illustration of an apple tree that just begs to be unwrapped, creating an exclusive drinking experience.

  1. Dumbbell

Inspire your customers to stay fit by consuming a sports drink from this clever, dumbbell-shaped bottle.


  1. Evian Haute Couture Bubble Bottle

Evian’s five exclusive bottles were a limited edition release by famed French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, serving as functional objets d’art.


  1. Diuco from Patagonia

This bottle design is sleek and classy, reflecting the natural refreshment contained inside. The mini-fridge covering it cools the bottle in to an optimal temperature in 15 minutes, giving the consumer a luxurious new drinking experience.

  1. Aqua Carpatica

This high-gloss, sculptural bottle is pure elegance, and the deep color sets it apart from other brands.


  1. Fleur de Lis

When a tapered wine bottle comes in an ornate wooden box, it speaks volumes about the taste and style of your consumer and your brand.


  1. Y Water

This playful water bottle design is aimed at kids with a fun, tactile design that differs from any other brand.

  1. Puria

This water bottle packaging is nearly a perfect circle, exuding purity and exquisiteness.


  1. Crystal Head Vodka

This skeleton head bottle design adds to the thrill of drinking the spirit in a unique way.

  1. Zarb

Zarb is French slang meaning “bizarre” which matches the bottle’s unique labels that are sure to draw some attention.


  1. One Key Gin

The innovative, sleek blue bottle unlocks with a hidden key to unveil the spirit within.

  1. Mixed Emotions

The spiral structure of the bottle combines vodka with a colored, non-alcoholic mixer that pour to create the perfect mixed drink.

  1. Absolut Vodka

Black leather and silver studs lend a rock-and-roll vibe Absolut Vodka’s Absolut Rock edition.

  1. Rubyy Blood Orange Energy

Matte bottles with an ornamental design give this energy drink an ornate, high-class appeal. What’s more, the design glows under a blacklight!

  1. Gatorade

Shaped into a structural, G-shaped design, this bottle gets noticed for all the right reasons.

  1. Ping Energy Drink

This clever energy shot bottle is shaped into speedometer that lists its ingredients, making it both informative and fun.


  1. Motley Bird

The hand-drawn image of the hummingbird and name give this energy drink bottle packaging a unique look. The stylized top adds functionality and style.

  1. Hovelsrud

Made of transparent glass that provides a look at the natural color of this apple juice, the minimal-yet-refined look of this bottle plays to the consumer’s appetite for style and taste.


Which beverage bottle design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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