3 Key Trends Shaping Beauty and Personal Care Packaging

Beauty and personal care products have always boomed in the market. The nature of these highly personal products give brands a unique opportunity to stand out, helping consumers look good and feel good.

Because of this, the demand for these products is consistently on the rise, especially with younger consumer markets like Millennials. The packaging of your product plays a significant role in the minds and wallets of your consumer.

So, what are the key changes happening around us in terms of beauty and personal care packaging? Let’s find out. Here’s what to look out for!

Beauty and Personal Care Packaging Trends

  1.  Focus on Functionality

    Consumers in the 21st century travel extensively. This means that there is an urgency for products that can be used on the go. Additionally, the products need to be compact enough to fit into bags and should offer the convenience of application at any time.

    There is a pattern appearing where more and more consumers are opting for beauty and personal care packaging with a two-pronged approach. These are: Protection and transportation.

    For example: Kevin Murphy, a hair stylist with a namesake haircare brand, was faced with the challenge of creating 3.4 oz travel sized bottles that could be tucked away in consumers carry-ons while still meeting the regulation of countries around the world. By using a lenticular design that presents different information depending on the angle in which it’s held, regulators are able to see all of the disclaimers and ingredient lists their laws require while the customers will simply see a dynamic design that stands out on the shelf and easily fits together in their luggage.

  2. The Changing Size-Value Relationship

    Though the 40 oz. super-value size is a popular choice for families and bargain-savvy shoppers at retailers like Costco, there is a growing demand for smaller sized packaging that is more affordable for single people, like young Millennials.

    Take for example the above Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Perfume 10-ml rollerball. Though previously marketed as an on-the-go alternative to larger sizes, the 10-ml is replacing larger bottles as the most popular size for perfumes thanks to consumer demand. The benefits of this are two-fold for the consumer:

    • The rollerball allows them to test out a perfume for longer than a sample without committing to a full-size.
    • The price point for the rollerball is a fraction of the full size, the cost of which can be a large barrier to entry for the young adult market—the above 10-ml rollerball is priced at $29 while the smallest full-size option, 1 oz, is priced at $70.
  3. A Greener Approach

The effect of pollution and non-degradable wastes is evident globally. Today, many consumers are actively aware of the negative effects of such materials. Beauty and personal care companies have therefore started adopting eco-friendly initiatives for their beauty and personal care packaging. These changes can be seen in the form of glass packaging, refillable packs and recycled materials, among others, in efforts to contribute to a sustainable environment.

Though a few years old, Unilever’s compressed packaging technology deserves particular mention here—it allows brands to put deodorants in aerosol cans that last as long as larger packages but are much smaller than their usual size, without compromising the quality of the product. Plus, smaller packaging leads to more cost-effectiveness for the brand, helping to increase revenue while boosting its eco-friendly brand image.

Refill pouches are also becoming more popular, like those used by Method. These allows consumers to refill their existing plastic bottle without purchasing a new one. The advantages refill pouches bring to the table are:

  • Light-weight and cheaper to produce
  • Economical transportation
  • Eco-friendliness

As with all other categories of packaging, it is important to make a smart beauty or personal care packaging choice for your brand. The right size and packaging type means that your company will be able to maintain affordability while still appealing to consumer needs.  Value and functionality are very closely linked and matter to consumers today. Brands’ gradual development toward a sustainable will allow for newer innovations.

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