How to Choose Cosmetic Packaging for Your Brand


The cosmetics industry is superficial by nature. Your consumer is buying your product in effort to maintain their appearance or look and feel better about themselves. It makes sense then to say that cosmetic packaging is paramount. Through your personal care and cosmetic packaging, customers build an initial impression even before touching the main product. And those, who have a refined taste for beauty and looks, would definitely like to receive cosmetic products crafted with good marketing presentation.

While the cosmetics and personal care markets continue to increase, manufacturers should pay attention to the importance of their packaging and treat it with same significance as the product itself in order to capture more marketshare. So how do you do this? Read on to find out.

5 Important Attributes of Successful Cosmetic Packaging

1. Protects Your Product

Good packaging is important for providing adequate safety for cosmetic products. A crafty cosmetic set may be fragile but packaging can help provide adequate resistance to breakage. Protective cosmetic packaging can save delicate products from:

  • Mechanical damage
  • Excess heat
  • Dust and soil
  • Water and moisture
  • Biological contamination

Whether purchasing a cosmetic product from store or buying online, buyers expect to receive it in the best condition—and if they don’t, they automatically associate the poor quality with your brand. Good cosmetic packaging not only safeguards the product from damages, but generates additional value for the buyers, thus providing manufacturers with considerable advantage over the competition.

2. Creates Brand Awareness

Packaging plays a significant role in developing a unique persona and strong market presence of any cosmetic brand. In today’s competitive environment, the products of several rival companies are often similar in terms of looks and functionality. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the marketers to create a dramatic impact in the minds of buyers with appropriate cosmetic packaging that exudes both effectiveness and visual appeal.

Packaging helps create the brand voice of your product and affects the price point a consumer is willing to pay. With the right kind of cosmetic packaging, your product can be given a premium visual look, enhancing its shelf impact and upping the quality of your brand as a whole in the mind of the buyer.

3. Stimulates Decision Making

As a manufacturer, you only have a few seconds to make an impression as the consumer scans the shelf and decides on a product. Consumers don’t want to waste time on a product if they don’t feel confident about the quality at first glance. Years of research and surveys have now established the fact that buyers’ judgement is heavily influenced by their perception of the beauty solutions offered, and the appearance of the product helps stimulate such psychological conditions.

Packaging elements, that influence consumer buying decisions, mainly fall into two categories:

  • Visual elements (size and shape, graphics)
  • Product information

If the packaging doesn’t look appealing, customers tend to shift their focus onto another brand. An artistic appearance can catch the attention of the customers in no time. Also, an elegant cosmetic product packaging triggers cosmetics sale significantly.

4. Heightens Aesthetic Value

Besides providing protection for your product, cosmetic packaging also helps to enhance the aesthetics of a brand. An appealing visual presentation can be the fundamental force in determining the success and failure of a product.

To make cosmetic packaging convincing, the following factors should be considered:

  • Quality of the material
  • Choice of colours
  • Suitable typography
  • Simplicity in design
  • Eco friendliness

High quality packaging suggests that the product inside is in top-notch condition. To be a successful cosmetic marketer, you need to make each of the targeted individuals feel that the delivery was meant to be a treat for them.

5. Creates a Ripple Effect

Packaging is the chief medium for cosmetic communication and branding. The packaging acts as the identity of the brand and product, and the best way to strengthen this is by rendering a flawless appearance. Packaging is a silent salesman that sells your product to your buyers.

Through brilliant packaging, a product can be marketed for a long period of time. When a cosmetic lover gets impressed with any product’s packaging, chances are that he/she would recommend it to his social circles. Thus, quality packaging can create a ripple effect among a wide range of customers.

With careful consideration of products and customers, packaging can be used as a beneficial marketing tool for your personal care or cosmetics business.


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