7 Examples of Amazing Food Packaging and Beverage Packaging

Delicious, convenient foods and beverages can bring in a continuous stream of revenue, but it’s not the taste that catches your consumer’s eye. Beautiful packaging can act as the biggest launchpad for a product!

Most people identify packaged food through ingenious or inventive packaging. The purpose, the idea and the downright message of the product is best conveyed through its packaging.

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1. Callegari Olive Oil Bottles

10 Examples of Amazing Food Packaging

Looks like liquid gold in a beautiful bottle, doesn’t it? The package is as luxurious as the oil it contains!

2. Cat Lady Preserves Packaging

10 Examples of Amazing Food Packaging

Packaging after your heart. Homemade, personal and brings in a rustic feel to the product.

3. Smirnoff Caipiroska

10 Examples of Amazing Food Packaging

Get into that fruity feeling with packaging you can peel—reminding the consumer of the product inside.

4. Quick Fruit

It’s like you have the actual fruit in your palm with the aesthetic goodness exuding from the packaging.

5. The Tulip

10 Examples of Amazing Food Packaging

Classy and elegant, this wine comes in its own prepackaged glass!

6. Kohberg

Being suggestive can sometimes be a good thing. It can make a striking impact, as in this breast cancer awareness campaign.

7. Volksbier

The brilliance is in the design here! The beer can be anything you’ve ever tasted but the drastic difference between the top and the rest is amazing. It’s like you are drinking from a beer glass!

So, which of these food or beverage packaging designs tickles your fancy? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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