5 Surprising Benefits of Plastic Packaging

If you have a product or service packaging dilemma, chances are, you can solve it with plastic packaging. Plastic packaging is strong, durable, light in weight, and saves in both price and material resources over the majority of other packaging choices. Take a closer look at the top five benefits of plastic product packaging.

  1. It’s durable.

This durability safeguards your product—from perishable foodstuff to fragile keepsakes to expensive home entertainment electronics—from the wear and tears connected with production and shipping. Plastics packaging guarantees your product shows up on shop shelves or in your customers’ residences looking as good as brand new. Durable plastics consume less power during the production process compared to metals, too, in part as a result of how light they are.

  1. It’s lightweight.

Speaking of light, plastics are prized for being lightweight. For instance, though over 50% of all products are packaged in plastics, these plastics only create 17% of all packaging weight. With this winning mixture of being lightweight and tough, plastic packaging protects the product without adding bulk. It as well saves you in manufacturing and delivery costs.

The lightness of plastic is as well closely tied to its outstanding sustainability. Its comparatively low weight plays a part in its lower energy intake and greenhouse gas pollutants over other materials.

  1. It’s long-lasting.

Many of the qualities that critics call ecologically negative, such as plastic’s resistance to deterioration and its bio-inertness, make plastics extremely resource efficient when disposed of and recycled in the proper way.

  1. It’s versatile.

You can cast plastic into essentially limitless designs. Think of the vast variety of plastics packaging you observe all the time:

Not to mention the variety of wraps and films it can create. It’s difficult to think of a packaging material more versatile than plastic. Listed here are just a few points it can do:

  • Suit packaging to your product precisely with a custom-made mold.
  • Form product packaging into a box, sphere, cylinder, or even any other shape.
  • Seal up a product tightly or grant a simple open structure or hanger.
  • Package anything as small as a switch cell battery or as huge as a pallet of bicycles.
  • Hold very hot foods, cold liquids, chemicals, or bases.
  • Your creativity is the only limit when considering plastic packaging.
  1. It’s affordable.

Plastic packaging is notoriously affordable. Due to its light weight, plastic saves over alternatives regarding shipping and transportation costs. It will save both in the cost to get the item to consumers and in the cost to acquire post-consumer materials to recycling centers.


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