Top it Off: Metal and Plastic Closures from Richards Woodland Hills

No product line is complete without its closures! From metal and plastic closures like caps and sprayers to pumps, droppers, and more, Richards provides you with a wide array of options to suit the unique needs of your product line that are not only functional, but visually appealing.

Plastic closures are very popular for most product lines as they allow you to decrease costs. However, they also provide a functional, visually appealing way to seal your product. It is also essential that your product be easy for the consumer to use—be that eating, applying, or distributing it.

Metal closures are more common in the food packaging industry for things like caps and lids.

Droppers, pumps, and sprayers are common in the personal care and cosmetics industries as they give the consumer an easy way to distribute your product in tandem with the directions you’ve provided on the product’s label.

Remember, a great product experience starts from the second the consumer opens or removes the closure, so make it a positive one!

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